Woodford Carson 1805  &   Sarah Grant 1816


  1. James Carson                                   1836
  2. George Carson                                  1839
  3. Moss Carson                                     1841
  4. Joseph Carson( Casson )                 1843-1925                   M-Agnes Johnston
    1. Georgiana Carson                          1864-5May1884
    2. William Edward Carson                1866-1936           M-Eva Tanner
      1. Agnes Schneider                    1900-1950
      2. Wilma  Prim                            1902-
      3. Francie E.                                  1903-
      4. William Reginald"Tedge"  1903-1989
      5. Grace M.                                     1905-1993
      6. Harold"Hoover" A.       3Jun1909-1969
      7. Earl Glendon                   1Nov1910
      8. Mabel Baker                    9Mar1914-1975
      9. Paul B.                                3Dec1915-1999
      10. Charles Lloyd                4Sept1918-1981
      11. Cecil                                  31Jan1922-1971
    3. Joseph
  5. Susan
  6. Mary
  7. John James
  8. Angeline       1856
  9. Sallie



 Marriages in Campbell County

1799         Florenda Corson      Married       Daniel Loren

1802         Abel Corson             Married       Julian Stonecipher

1808         Sarah Carson              Married      Boaz Reed

1812         Elizabeth Carson      Married       Isaac Cain                                   Boaz Reed

1812         Nelly Carson            Married       Thomas Smith                              Boaz Reed

1813-8-24 Wm. Casson             Married       Edith Dewitt                                Boaz Reed

1819         Alice Carson              Married       John Mitchell

1819          W. Carson                  Married       Sarah Laffer                               Jonathon Keen

1819          John Casson             Married         Nancy Owens                             Isaac Cains

1819           Samuel Carson        Married         Elizabeth Thompson

1826           Harriet Carson          Married        Moses Stephens

 1828          Eluira Casson           Married         Jonathon Reed

 1840         Auselia Casson          Married         Berkley G. Reese    

Marriages in Kenton County   

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Ruth E. Carson  b.12April1918      Mother; Bessie White1903-1904 @ Inverness School

                                                                                                         1927-28 @ Sugar Grove School                                                             James Smith d-1917   Mother : Sally Carson

Infant McMillen d;1919   Mother:Marie Carson

Naomi Diehl  d:1923     Mother Josie Carson

Hiram Carson   Slave owned by         Woodfrid&  Sarah Carson   

Belle Baker  d-1936    Mother Florella Carson   Spouse Wm Baker

Georgana Carson  5May1884

John Carson

m-Francis harrison b-27July1856  d-3Jan1944

    1.Carson    3April1889   d-17July1917

    2.Jewell Willis      d-23Feb1919

                           1.Glenna Willis   d-1916

    3.Elmer Carson    b-1Jan1881    d-1Aug1929

         m. Elizabeth

    4.Carson       1886-1920

     5.Arvil L           1877-1923

     6. Clarence Edward    1892

     7. John E. Carson   1889-17July1917




1810 Census Joseph Carson


1820 Census Agnes Carson, John Carson, and William Carson


1830 Census Agnes Carson, JonathonCarson, and William Carson

                   (Isaac and Elizabeth lived next to Agnes)

1840 Census Bradford Carson, John Carson, and Wm Carson


Property Tax List


  • 1796 Abel Carson(2Males)
  • 1797 Abel Corson(2Males)
  • 1798 Abel Corson(1MaleOver21-1MaleUnder21)
  • 1807 No Carsons
  • 1808 Joseph Cason
  • 1809 Joseph Cason
  • 1811 John Cason & William Cason(under21)
  • 1812 John Casson, William Casson & Aggathy Casson


 Joseph Carson   1810 Census in Campbell County

m.Agnes Smith\Young

  1. Male 1785-1794
  2. Male 1785-1794
  3. Female 1785-1794
  4. Female 1794-1800
  5. Male 1800-1810
  6. Male 1800-1810
  7. Male 1800-1810



Carson Joseph 30201-01101-00 pg32
 of the campbell county historical society

This interesting Scottish name is of uncertain origin but is probably a locational name, despite appearing to be patronymic. The development seems to be from Maurice Acarson, bailiff of the isle of Man, but this is uncertain. What is certain is that 'the Corsans or Carsans were an ancient Galloway family whose lineage ended in the direct line of James IV in the late 15th Century. The Carson's were provosts of Dumfries for several generations in the 16th century, and were also prominent in the local affairs of Kirkcudbrightshire. The early name holders were known for their ferocity, and in 1305 John a'Carson and his followers seized the castle of Dumfries. Their later fate is not known, although in 1503 Andrew Akersane was 'respited' for his part in burning Dunskay House. Rather against the trend two of the name bearers listed in the Dictionary of National Biography were ministers, although Kit Carson the famous Indian scout is rather more true to form, whilst Joseph Carson, in 1776, a Philadlephia merchant, born in Scotland, gave considerable assistance to the American Independence movement. The coat of arms includes the blazon of a silver field, a chevron between three red crescents, and the crest of an elephants head. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Sir Robert de Carsan, which was dated 1276, in the "Records of Holm Cultram", Scotland, during the reign of King Alexander 111 of Scotland, 1249 - 1286. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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