Woodford Carson

Woodford Carson born 1805

1836, Nov.23 married Sarah(Sallie) Grant

1836       James is Born

1839-41 George was born

1841-43 Moss was born

1843-46 Joseph was born

1845-47  Susan was born

1847-48 Mary was born

1850-51 John James was born

1853-56 Angeline was born

1857 Sallie was born

1860 their post office was Tebbats Cross rd.(which was located at the corner of Burns,Flatwood, and Siry rds. So they must of lived close to there. 


1836 James was born but didn't live with Woodford and Sarah when he was 14 but did when he was 24  so i don't think he was Woodford's child but maybe a brother's or other relative's son.But they were married in 1836 the same year James was born.? 


Nov 23 1836-Woodford CASSON to Sarah GRANT                   bm-George GREEN; married by George GRADEN

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