John Andrew and Anna Marie Gubser


Information comes from the family files at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria


John Andrew Gubser was born 14 Dec 1830 in St Gallen Switzerland, the son of Andreas (Andrew) (31 July 1803-6 May 1876) and Magdalena Mary Gubser (17 Oct 1808-12 Mar 1885). He married Anna Marie Chalk, a widow in Campbell Co on 19 Apr 1853 at the St Peter & Paul Church at Twelve Mile in California.  Anna Marie Chalk was born 5 Aug 1822 in Puttlinger France to Frank and Anna (Trouy) Chalk.  The area where they lived became know as Gubser Mill.  John died 20 Oct 1897 at Gubser Mill and was buried in the St Peter and Paul Cemetery.  Anna died 15 Oct 1891 at Gubser Mill and was also buried at the St Peter and Paul Cemetery.

Also, the 1860 Census of Campbell County, Kentucky lists Frank Chalk and wife Susan as having four children: Joseph (8), John (6), Frank (5), and Elizabeth (3). His profession is listed as farmer and born in France and wife born in Switzerland. Almost all of these early Gubser and Chalk ancestors from Puttelange, France are buried in the Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery at Twelve Mile, Kentucky. The early town was named Gubser's Mill and now is called California Crossroads. 


Children of Andreas Gubser and MagdalenaMarie


1. J. Fridolin (Fred) Gubser b-28 Nov 1828 Oberger St Gallen Switzerland; d-1904; m-Susanna Sophia

2. Johan (JohnAndrew) b-14 Dec 1830 in Oberger St Gallen Switzerland; d-20 Oct 1897 in Gubser Mill; m (1) Anna Mary Chalk 19 Apr 1853; m (2) A M Lewis

3. Wilhelm Gubser b-13 Feb 1831 Oberger St Gallen Switzerland; d-26 June 1901; m-Christina Schlegel

4. Susan Maria Gubser b-1832 in St Gallen Switzerland; d-1912 in Grant's Lick and buried in the Oakland Cemetery; m-Frank Chalk

4. Franc

is Gubser b-24 Jan 1834 in St Gallen Switzerland; d.25 Apr 1871 in Camp Springs

5. Theodore Gubser b-24 Jan 1834 in St Gallen Switzerland; m-Mary Rosela{Rosana} Hedrig 9 Apr 1866

6. Samuel Gubser b-1835 in St Gallen Switzerland; m-Barbara

7. Benjamin Gubser b-1842 in St Gallen Switzerland: d-1884

8. Bartholomew Gubsr b-30 Oct 1843 in Campbell Co; d-2 Feb 1875 in Camp Springs


Children of John Andrew Gubser and Anna Marie Chalk

1. Marie Catharine Gubser b-18 Oct 1851 in Gubser Mill; m-John Seieter

2. Maria Anna Gubser b-22 Feb 1854 in Gubser Mill; d-2 Feb 1867 and was buried in St Peter & Paul Cemetery

3. Catharine Gubser b-4 Apr 1856 in Gubser Mill

4. John Samuel Gubser b-23 Oct 1857 in Gubser Mill; died 10 Sep 1880

5. Susanna Gubser b-8 Sep 1859 in Gubser Mill; m-George Huck 1 Apr 1885

6. Theodore Gubser b-18 June 1863 in Gubser Mill; d-1953 and buried in St Peter & Paul Cemetery; m-Louise Seiter 21 May 1885

7. Joseph Gubser b-10 Dec 1865 in Gubser Mill; d-1866 and buried in St Peter & Paul Cemetery

8. Elizabeth Gubser b-1 June 1867 in Gubser Mill; d-30 May 1868 and was buried in St Peter & Paul Cemetery

9. Theresa Gubser b-24 Feb 1870 in Gubser Mill; died 1928 in Alexandria; m-William H Alford

9. Frank Gubser b-22 July 1873 in Gubser Mill


Children of Theodore Gubser and Louise Seiter

1. Anna Maria Gubser           b-24 Apr 1886 in Gubser Mill

2. Frances Theresa Gubser     b-9 Nov 1887 in Gubser Mill

3. Johan Francis Gubser        b-28 Feb 1891 in Gubser Mill; m-Eleanor Eckerle 18 June 1919

4. Francis Joseph                      b-23 Sep 1893 in Gubser Mill; m-Catharine Baum at St Michaels Church 27 June 1917

5. Jacob Gubser                          b-25 July 1896 in Gubser Mill

6. Maria Magdalena Gubser   b-13 Sep 1898;                              m-Louis Eisler St Aug 31 Aug 1940 in Cincinnati

7. Clement Nicolas Gubser      b-13 Sep 1898 in Gubser Mill;  m-Christine Schack May 16, 1936

8. Ottilia Theresa Gubser        b-3 Mar 1901 in Gubser Mill;    m-Barney Downey 2 Sep 1922 at the St Anthony Church 

9. Wilhelm Eduard Gubser      b-10 Feb 1904 in Gubser Mill

0. Hildegard                              b-8 Sep 1906 in Gubser Mill

11. Theodore Joseph Gubser b-3 May 1911 in Gubser Mill;(Mr.Reis says he was Franks son but Cemetary records at  

StPeter and Paul and Sis and Carol told me who their grandparents were.)        

              m-Caroline Rose Eisen  married on 30 Nov 1940


             Children of Theodore Joseph Gubser and Carly Eisen

1.Janet Louise born April 5,1941 and died December 30, 1941

2.Ronnie died Jan 2010

3.Elaine"Sis"Baynum born Feb 20,1944 and died May 16,2010

4.Carol Jean    

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