Charlie and Fronzie liked to drink alot. one night while sitting at the end of the road drinking, Charlie set the barn on Fire. Why he did it was unknown. Ken and duck went to Newport looking for Charlie to find out why he did it, and after interogations with a gun pointed at him, he admitted" well if you say i did I guess I did"

 Tedge was the oldest son so he took care of the farm and his mother after their father died in 1936. Until Evas death he lived in the big house but when she died the other siblings wanted their money and tedge couldn't afford it so he had to settle with the little house.

Mr. Carson is what  Goeble Dawson would call Edward Carson. When he was getting robbed all the time he told Goeble that he was going to set a trap and shoot whoever was robbing him. Goeble told him he might not want to  do that becouse he might shoot someone that he didnt want to. His boys were stealing his chickens and eggs to sell and buy beer.

They would go down and jump on a freight train and be gone for 3-4 months at a time.Living out of chicken houses and gardens.

When Earl got divorced he never even acknowlidged that he had a son, Sunny Carson was raised by his mother and step father "Red"


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