J.C. Hofstetter Grocery and Saloon


It was the J. C. Hofstetter Grocery and Saloon.  It was always located on the southeast corner of Bremen and 15th St. at 116 Bremen.  The street numbers were changed in 1896 and the street was renamed Republic during WWI.  The store was listed in the city directories from 1865 (listed as Hofstetter and Nef in 1865) until 1891.  The owner was John C. Hofstetter and they also lived at that address.  The listing for 1880 said “Grocery and Saloon also dealer in California and Catawba wines, Swiss and Limburger Cheese”.  I am attaching a picture of the store that was probably taken between 1885 and 1888. The donor of the photo was Antoinette Hofstetter Nadicksbud. It was donated in 1983.

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