Benjamin P. & Mary Ann Fulcher

Benjamin P. and Mary Ann Fulcher

  1. Jeminah Davis                               1834-1855
  2. Sara Jane Davis                             1836-1927
  3. Mary Catherine Davis                      1840-1907
  4. Serena Davis                   1844-1855    Buried 5&20Mile
  5. Susanna Davis 1848-1921     M. John W. Davis  Milton Cem
  6. Amanda Davis  1855-1930 m.Huffman  m.Willis  buried in Huntington

 Born October 10, 1817 in the USA

Married on December 21, 1833 in Virginia

Died on July 18,1883


Re: Mary Ann Fulcher 1816-1883, married to Benjamin Davis. Family history word of mouth is that she was full or part native american and may have come from buckingham county virginia. possibly Cherokee

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