Belitha Baynum

James Baynum                                        1783-1844

m.  .Catharine Taylor Davis                

  • Belitha Taylor Baynum                    1808-1901
    • m Sarah L Hitch
    1. James William Baynum 30Aug1870-3Mar1965
    • m.Laura Belle Bush
  • Josiah Davis Baynum                       1810-1887
  • Charlaitty(Lottie) Baynum               1813-1888
  • Catron Z. Baynum                              1817-1849


Belitha Taylor Baynum

Born 22Feb1808 in Snow Hill , Worcester county Maryland 

married Sarah Louise Hitch (George Jackson Hitch and Eliza Jane Hitch(nee)

Died 9Jan1901  and is buried at Wesley Chapel Cemetary

Apr 27 1843-David W FOSSIT to Catharine BAYNUM  bm-Belitha T BAYNUM

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